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LETTER: Summerland street is a race track for idiots

Rider on scooter had encounters with large pickup trucks
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Dear Editor,

Victoria Road South continues to be a race track for idiots, apparently. What will it take to make this straightway safer for the likes of us who chose to ride two wheeled conveyances instead of “urban assault” fossil fuel guzzlers of massive proportions?

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Recently, while traveling the speed limit on my ancient but honourable 50 cc scooter carefully avoiding potholes, I observed in my mirrors a white pickup truck rapidly advancing behind me. As a matter of courtesy and by way of removing myself from danger, I gave up my lane and pulled over to the right to allow the trailing truck to pass.

At the moment it passed me, another white pickup which was behind the first one, pulled out crossing over the yellow line into the oncoming lane and passed the first truck that was passing me.

Luckily, I was not hit nor crowded entirely off the road by these two drivers.

I am left wondering if these and others like them really feel superior when they force those of us who are vulnerable off the road. Or are they just plain stupid.

Jean Evanishen


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