EDITORIAL: Providing power

More charging stations will be needed as demand for electric vehicles grows

  • Feb 21, 2019

EDITORIAL: Measuring snowfall

Snow measurements show less snowfall than usual, and a considerably less than last year

  • Feb 17, 2019

EDITORIAL: Observing weather

A heavy snowfall, a cold spell or a heat wave do not prove or disprove climate change

  • Jan 31, 2019

EDITORIAL: The value of trades

Demand exists for those who train for a skilled trade

  • Jan 24, 2019

EDITORIAL: Revisiting Banks Crescent

Summerland had earlier considered controversial development at same location

  • Jan 18, 2019

Editorial: New Year, new you!

Be kind to yourself in 2019

  • Jan 2, 2019
Toddler tumbles out of moving vehicle
Horgan says those breaking the law in Houston will have consequences
BC NDP say emergency route on Malahat is an urgent matter.
Truck driver in Humboldt Broncos crash pleads guilty

EDITORIAL: Tougher laws for impaired driving

Two legal changes over the past year could affect the celebrations on New Year’s Eve

  • Dec 27, 2018

EDITORIAL: Showing generosity at Christmas

It is important to remember there are those among us, right here in our community, who are in need

  • Dec 20, 2018

EDITORIAL: Considering carriage houses

Changes in established neighbourhoods can also result in changes to the character of the area

  • Dec 12, 2018

EDITORIAL: The cost of docks

A lot of money will be spent on replacing two of Summerland’s public docks

  • Nov 30, 2018

EDITORIAL: Deciding on electoral reform

There are arguments for and against switching to a proportional representation system in B.C.

  • Nov 1, 2018

EDITORIAL: This is what we have

Not everyone is completely satisfied with the outcome of Summerland’s municipal election

  • Oct 24, 2018

EDITORIAL: Time for wise, careful voting

Council members and school board trustees will make important decisions over next four years

  • Oct 20, 2018

EDITORIAL: The importance of civic elections

Decisions made at the council and school board tables will have affect our day-to-day lives

  • Oct 4, 2018

EDITORIAL: Local governments make important decisions

Careful thought needed in approaching municipal council and school board elections

  • Sep 12, 2018

EDITORIAL: The value of a nature preserve

Regulations by themselves are of no value unless there is a way to enforce them

  • Sep 6, 2018

EDITORIAL: Reducing the risk of bear encounters

When garbage is set out too early, it serves to attract bears

  • Sep 2, 2018

DeMeer: Cats and dogs are reigning – and it’s wrong

Princeton editor Andra DeMeer tackles the issue placing pets over people

EDITORIAL: Wildfire danger was downplayed

Recent message minimized the risks from this year’s fires

  • Aug 24, 2018

EDITORIAL: The quest for tax relief

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is asking for cuts to help B.C. Interior residents

  • Aug 15, 2018