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Bus driver promises safety in heartwarming speech before ride from Kelowna to Merritt

His speech was recorded and posted on TikTok

An Ebus driver assured his passengers that he would get them safely from Kelowna to Merritt, no matter how much longer it takes.

“All I care about is your safety,” said the driver, who was recorded by Lexi Reid, @lexiireid on TikTok, before embarking on the snowy voyage.

“It’s bad weather, it’s winter, I don’t care how long it takes to get there… I’m not going to risk your lives,” said the driver.

Reid said that when the driver first started speaking, she thought that he was going to cancel the trip, due to the inclement weather.

“Most bus drivers don’t speak so when he got up and spoke to all of us, I knew it was important,” said Reid.

The TikTok user said that the Ebus arrived safely and that she felt loved by the driver. The trip was @lexiireid’s first time riding with Ebus and she commented that it was a great experience.

“After he gave us the speech, I felt completely cared for and safe.”

@lexiireid never felt so loved in my life #busdriver #snowfall #connector #coq #vancouver #winter #snowfallwarning #kelowna #merrit #fy #fyp ♬ Aglow (Intro) - Slowed Down Version - Karamel Kel

The video of the driver’s pre-ride speech assuring his passengers that he would get them to their destination safely was posted on Nov. 29, and has since been seen by over 457,500 people and has received 93,900 likes for the heartwarming message.


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