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Summerland boxer Golden Gloves champ

A Summerland boxer took part in an exclusive amateur match.

A few driven young athletes from Peachland Boxing Club participated in one of the biggest for the year.

Reese Waterfield, Thomas Guthrie and Summerland’s Eric Hahn-Hill all competed in the Golden Gloves tournament for their first time, showcasing months of training and preparation.

Normally exclusive to the most experienced of amateur boxers, the Golden Gloves this year opened up allowing less seasoned boxers to compete.

These young athletes were more than eager to rise to the opportunity.

A two-day event, the Golden Gloves held many challenges and  surprises for the boxing club.

Hahn-Hill had bouts scheduled on both days of the event and emerged undefeated, bringing home a Golden Gloves championship.

For Guthrie, Waterfield and Hahn-Hill though there’s little time for respite as they and several other of Peachland’s boxers have already set their sights on the upcoming bronze gloves and have vowed to train even harder to realize this goal.