Softball players learning skills

The Summerland Minor Softball Association is offering training to help players hone their skills.

Danica Yeoman

Danica Yeoman

While the minor softball season will not begin for several months, the Summerland Minor Softball Association is offering training to help players hone their skills.

The participants range in age from U8 to U19 for C-level ball. For those under the U8 level, there is the Learn to Play program.

“We haven’t had the U8s and U10s for a few years,” said Cynthia Cutt of the minor softball association.”To have a team this year is good news because they will become players to support the teams as they get older.”

Last year 50 players registered in Summerland Minor Softball. The season begins in the third week of April and continues until the end of June. Playdowns and district championships are also held in June.

Joe Cutt, one of the organizers of the program, said the winter training provides an introduction to the game for younger players.

“Every kid gets to hit the ball a lot and run a lot,” he said.

The younger players in the U8 and U10 age categories practice on Monday evenings, while those in the U16 and U19 age levels practice on Tuesday evenings.

When the season begins in spring, the young players will have skills they need for the game.

He added that Summerland’s players will face teams from around the Okanagan this year. The association covers Salmon Arm and Sicamous to the Similkameen and Princeton.

The indoor training takes place at the Giant’s Head Elementary School gym on Monday and Tuesday evenings from Thanksgiving through November and then from January to Spring Break.

Boys are welcome to join and can play on a team with the girls.

“Softball is a lot of fun mixed with learning with various softball clinics held up and down the Okanagan Valley as well,” Cynthia Cutt said. “As well as having the C level there is A and B ball and it is very exciting to watch and play.”

For more information about minor softball, contact Carol Van Balkom at 250-494-4194 or Cynthia Cutt at 250-404-0519.

Registrations are still accepted. To register call Mae Kruger at 250-494-1199.