Fiona Girard

Fiona Girard

Many participate in run and triathlon

The Giant’s Head Run and the Man of Steel Triathlon were held on Saturday as part of the Summerland Action Festival.

The Giant’s Head Run and the Man of Steel Triathlon were held on Saturday as part of the Summerland Action Festival.

Giant’s Head Run


Male 0-10: First Daniel Hall, second Max Patenaude, third Dylan Low.

Male 11-12: First Mereno Coco, second Calum Bird, third Luke Usher.

Male 13-15: First Pierre Holmes, second Jordan Mitchell, third Takeshi Smith.

Male 16-18: First Emmet Smith, second Greg Nixon, third Cole Williams.

Male 19-39: First David Mitchell, second Darryl Hagel, third Luke Roblesky.

Male 40-59: First Dave Olsen, second Lance Zalbotney, third Brian Corbett.

Male 60+: First Don Bergstrom, second Charles Hernandez, third Rich Finlay.

Female 0-10: First Eva Low, second Cate Robinson, third Emily Dunley-Owen.

Female 11-12: First Annika Carlson, second Kayla Rogall, third Julia Nixon.

Female 13-15: First Trista Algar, second Jenayah Lefebvre, third Elizabeth Klimm.

Female 16-18: First Katelyn Michaud, second Sacha Perry-Fagant, third Gabrielle Lucier.

Female 19-34: First Mikhaela Bakalos, second Helena Van Der Vyver, third Jennifer Wagner.

Female 35-54: First Cathy Harrold, second Deb Lougheed, third Tracey Sorensen.

Female 55+: First Mariya Kozick, second Jane Theilmann, third Linda Bergstrom.


Male 0-18: First Corwin Shanner, second Bobby Shaw, third Jack Taylor.

Male 19-39: First Quinten Van Horlick, second Jason Rodine, third Shane Budzinski.

Male 40-59: First Scott Tremblay, second Hector Carlos, third Ray Nickle.

Male 60+: First Mike Braid, second Peter Benson, third Don Pateman.

Female 0-18: First Laura Hall, second Bailey Johnson, third Sylvia Mott.

Female 19-34: First Erin Trainer, second Kristina Persson, third Christina Haddrell.

Female 35-54: First Brenda Yunker, second Pamela Campbell, third Chantel Weston.

Female 55+: First Nancy Friesen, second Colleen Power, third Alison Crawford.

Man of Steel Triathlon


Male 0-10: First Heming Sola, second Noah Russill, third Pascal Benoit.

Male 11-13: First Keagan Ingram, second Koen Buckingham.

Male 19-39: First Joe Wessel, second Daniel Papadopoulos.

Male 40-59: First Gary Wade.

Male 60+: First Jack Wessel, second Al McCaig.

Female 0-10: First Tayla Ingram, second Emma Wagner.

Female 11-13: First Haley Berrisford, second Natalie Benoit, third Hannah Wagner.

Female 14-18: First Holly Antifay.

Female 19-34: First Trish Stathers, second Ashley Rodenbush.

Female 35-54: First Dannica Stevenson-Wade, second Lisa Spalding, third Monique Porter.

Female 19+ Open Rec.: First Josie Symonds, second Cherish Anderson.


Male 0-10: First Tripwr3 Amigos (William Rodriguez, Holden Berrisford, Connor Berrisford), second Triple Trouble (Logan Miller, Arlo Kast, Evan Gupta), third # Talking Turkeys (Sydney St. Hilaire, Noah Rich, Tyler Algar).

Male 11-13: First TC Power (Tyler Piket, Justin Fotherby, Brett Cerutti), second Tripower Hurricane (Andrew Carlow, Owen Lemoine, Quinten Pearson), third 3 Tough Tigers (Sol Jacques, Jessica Thiede, Daphne Susheski).

Male 14-18: First The Warriors (Rachel Shanner, Elia Rodriguez, Cory Berekoff), second Vicious And Delicious (Joshua Webb, Annmarie Lang-Hodge, Keegan Foley), third Tripower Dragons (Ian Peters, Evan Peters, Luke Neenan.)

Male 19-49: First Amazing Manlik Creature (Lee Agur, Martina Ramecnik, Nathan Ward), second Lactic Intolerant (Peter MacIntosh, Ryan Mosley, Colin Buckingham),  third Tripower Old School (Jason Wagner, Fenton Ingram, Michael Berrisford.)

Family: First Davies Warriors (Kayley Davies, Janette Davies, Chase Davies), second Team 3 Generations (Ilse Camacho, Becky Rodriguez, Ruben Camacho), third Team Burd (Dawson Burdick, Serena Burdick, Betty Steffensen.)

Female 0-10: First Mrs. McIntosh’s Apples (Sloane Dueck, Fiona Girard, Paige Gibbings), second Lightning L.E.G.S. (Leigha Herman, Genevieve Jenkins, Emily Jell).

Female 11-13: First Team K.A.M. (Kiera Hayman, Acacia Benn, Maria Iannone), second Snap, Crackle Pop (Silvie Cormillot, Brooklyn Parliament, Paige Russill.) third Team H.S.L. (Hanneli Landyman, Sandra Hall, Leah Nash).

Female 14-18: First The Dream Team (Emma Russill, Chloe Harrold, Sophie Cormillot).

Seniors 50: First Tired But Determined (Caroline Isaak, Lindsey Isaak, Bob Isaak),Mixed Bag (Liz Zischka, Emily Laidman, Courtney Milligan).