Roundabouts requested for Garnett Valley Road

Dear Editor:

We, the member of the Garnett Valley Shaky Wheels Society, would like to thank you for the recent care and upgrades to Garnett Valley Road, namely the district work crew of two hard-working guys with shovels throwing asphalt filler here and there trying to cover the worst of this road.

We are thankful for this as it comforts our members (and non-members who use this road daily) and look on with envy at all the other upgrades to the core of Summerland that have taken place, namely two roundabouts with a third one forthcoming.

We would like to ask the district if we could have a nice roundabout somewhere on our Garnett Valley Road because that seems to be more like the way the district and council thinks in terms of road upgrades.

We would also like to ask for either a trust fund or a tax break set up for our members for the replacement of automotive parts due to the missed holes that the above mentioned crew has, for lack of a better term, missed.

This trust fund would be in the Garnet Valley Shaky Wheels Society name and a tax break worked out with either our conscientious council or the local automotive merchants, parts dealers and mechanics. This would cover things like hubcaps, tie rods, steering axles, shocks, tires, windshields, etc.

For those of you who live in or near Garnett Valley and would like more information in joining the Garnett Valley Shaky Wheels Society, all you need to do is drive on or through this road either daily, weekly or occasionally and your dues are paid and membership automatic.

Warren LeRoy