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Letters: Penticton senior feels blessed from ‘totally unexpected’ London Drugs Tree gift

Penticton residents express their thanks for good people in letters to the editor
A senior wants to offer a heartfelt thanks for a ‘totally unexpected’ London Drugs tree of wishes gift she received. (Monique Tamminga Western News)


I’m one of the older seniors who was blessed with a totally unexpected Christmas package courtesy of London Drugs and one anonymous giver. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation and to wish the giver a blessed Christmas.

A Penticton senior

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Thanks for the good and honest people


On the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 12, I was shopping in Nature’s Fare in Penticton.

After I left the store, I lost my wallet, containing a sum of money, my credit card, etc.

My wallet was picked up off the ground by a good, honest person and given to the staff at the Dollar Store next door, with the contents still intact.

I would like to thank that person, who left no name or phone number so I could thank them personally.

I would also like to give the staff in the Dollar Store a big thank you for the safe keeping of my wallet until it was returned.

It is a joy to know there are still some good and honest people living in this city.

Jean Reynolds


Thank you and we are paying it forward


On Dec. 8, my wife and I enjoyed a noon meal at J J Joy Asian Cuisine.

The noon hour was half gone and two gentlemen came in and remarked on my Saskatchewan Rough Rider ball cap and bunny hug, saying that the Rider’s sure didn’t perform well this season. We all agreed and laughed a bit.

Seeing the place was full, these two fellows decided they would move on. We suggested to them that we would be leaving in short order, so it was agreed they would gladly partake.

We asked for our bill and were informed it had been paid in full, by a fellow that had been sitting alone near us enjoying his meal. We want to say, “thank you” to him, the tall generous man in his 40s, wearing a ball cap, and is a master at eating with chop sticks. A big thank you for our meal.

By the way, the pay forward continued after we left.

G & D Bailey