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Okanagan Humane Society: From fierce to friendly

A column by the Okanagan Humane Society
Top photo is baby Yoga, scared and bottom is happy Yoda today. (OHS)

From Fierce to Friendly

As the cat population continues to explode in the Okanagan, the Okanagan Humane Society (OHS) is rescuing them at a rapid pace to ensure every kitten gets a new beginning.

Baby Yoda is one of those kittens. Born on the streets with his brothers and sisters in a feral colony off of Leathead Road in Kelowna. He was captured at only 5 weeks old. This little kitten was fierce, hissing and spitting but this did not last long and the next day he was rolling and purring.

OHS is aware of the young age they need to rescue these little kittens. The age where they can go from fierce to friendly with human intervention. These beautiful kittens will make amazing fur friends for a family one day if they get that chance.

These feral colonies were likely started by one domestic unfixed cat that was dumped by its owner. Cats are resourceful and do their best to learn to survive and will seek out other felines. The breeding begins with the cycle of feral cats and a difficult life on the streets that often ends in tragedy.

OHS is committed to being a part of the solution to pet overpopulation in the Okanagan and is one of few organizations that deploys resources to the community, working with people, just like you and me, and their generous veterinary partners to ensure the cats and kittens are captured, fixed, and find new loving homes.

The cat overpopulation extends through the entire Okanagan Valley from urban areas in Kelowna to the vast agricultural and farmlands to the extended North and South Okanagan.

Many farms and vineyards will employ working cats or mousers for their property but unfortunately, many are not fixed so the cycle continues…

The Okanagan Humane Society echoes the same message as Bob Barker “Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed and neutered.” And OHS offers a low income spay/neuter program for those that may be facing financial barriers and needs some support for this service.

To learn more about the programs and services offered by OHS visit their website at

OHS is volunteer run and reliant on support from the community to continue to save lives and end the suffering of local animals. Donate today to ensure OHS can continue this important work for local animals in need. or follow them on Facebook.

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