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LETTER: Proposal will cost more than it brings to Summerland

Asphalt plant will result in costs for the community
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Dear Editor:

The municipality of Summerland intends to lease property to MacKinley-Clark Paving Ltd. for 10 years at a cost of $30,000 a year.

This works out to $82 a day, which will be added to Summerland’s revenue.

What do we get for $82 a day?

1. There will be a lot more heavy trucks and B-trains traveling on Prairie Valley Road and through our town. It is the only way in and out.

2. The road is the worst in Summerland and more traffic will not help. As it is, Summerland does not have the money to repair this road and will not have for many years. It has been in this state for the past 20 years.

3. Many homes on Prairie Valley Road shake when these heavy trucks pass. This will increase.

4. More dangerous traffic in front of our schools.

5. The stink of asphalt will drift down the valley and on the trucks.

6. When major roads are being paved, the trucks will run day and night.

7. Noise from the asphalt plant and traffic.

8. The destruction of our roads will cost more than $82 a day.

9. Summerland is presently investing millions of dollars to go green by installing a solar field. Yet we will have trucks constantly bring loads of oil and tar through our town on a daily basis. I guess one balances out the other.

All of these issues were brought to light when former mayor Peter Waterman wanted our landfill utilized by other towns in the Okanagan. It was turned down by the people of Summerland at this time.

This proposal is far worse. Once approved, we will be stuck with it for 10 years. For what, $82 a day?

Brian Coffey


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