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Letter: Penticton will be split in 2 down Main Street

Newly drawn federal electoral boundaries are ludicrous


I am rather concerned about the proposed changes to Penticton’s federal electoral boundaries.

As a result of the Census, shifts in population distribution means that BC’s electoral districts will increase from 42 to 43 so the BC federal map is being redrawn to reflect that growth.

While that seems like a simple enough plan, this change will have a major impact on our riding, especially Penticton. If the changes go ahead, Penticton will be divided into two federal electoral districts with the split being down Main Street. This means that if you live on the east side of Main, you will be represented by MP1. Meanwhile, if your business, company, non-profit organization, or City Hall is on the west side of Main Street, MP2 will be your representative. Sounds crazy to me.

On June 13, the Federal Boundaries Commission for British Columbia held a public hearing for South Okanagan-West Kootenay to hear comments on the proposal. Sadly, there were only about 20 people in attendance, but all the speakers presented excellent arguments AGAINST this plan.

Although this was the only in-person public hearing, a virtual public hearing will be held in the future, and the Commission is also accepting written comments.

To learn more about these proposed changes, go to redistribution2022.ca. More importantly, to voice your concern, email BC-CB@redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca or write to Federal Boundaries Commission for British Columbia,

300-1055 West Hastings, Vancouver V6E 2E9

As well, I am sure our current (and only) Member of Parliament, Richard Cannings, would probably be interested in hearing your opinion.

I hope the media and general public follow up so that this ludicrous proposal can be stopped.

Leslie Manion


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