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Letter: My vote goes to those who will get rid of Ironman in Penticton

Ironman brings nothing to Penticton and drives tourists away, says letter writer
Local hero Jeff Symonds brings storybook ending to return of Ironman in Penticton. (Brennan Phillips Western News)


Regarding the current civic elections coming up soon, we need to be very careful who we vote for. Ironman has to go so we need to figure out who goes to council to get rid of this mess.

Few tourists visit Penticton during the Ironman event because the contestants and their families fill up all the available motel rooms, RV sites, etc. So where do these tourists go? They go elsewhere to spend their holiday money.

Ironman does nothing positive for the city. Blocking off streets and disrupting the everyday lives of everyone living here.

In dealing with the candidates for the city council and mayor, all voters need to know who they are, their background, what they stand for, their political affiliations and lastly, what they intend to do if elected.

We need to know this information in order to make a responsible decision at the voting booth.

Franco De Michelis


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