LETTER: Dogs should be restrained

What a shame that walking in Summerland should be marred by fear of dangerous dogs.

Dear Editor:

Summerland… our pretty little town with quiet, shady streets.

Many of the residents like to walk for health reasons, to exercise their pets or just for pure enjoyment.

What a shame that this activity should be marred by fear of dangerous dogs.

While walking my little dog two weeks ago, we were attacked by two large dogs who had crashed through their flimsy fence.

I have never had such a horrendous experience.

Thankfully, after several visits to the vet, surgery and a hefty bill, my dog will be okay.

This could have been a child, an elderly person, a smaller dog or anyone — and the outcome could have been tragic.

Dogs, dangerous or otherwise, need to be restrained in a substantial, well-maintained enclosure.

That’s part of the responsibility of being a dog owner.

No one should be afraid to walk on any public street in our town.

If people are not prepared to make sure their animals are secure, then perhaps they shouldn’t have them.

I sincerely hope this does not happen to anyone else. This is a serious issue.

I think the town needs to review the existing bylaws and become more aggressive in dealing with the dangerous dog problem.

B.J. Jackson