LETTER: Common sense council

LETTER: Common sense council

Common sense should be an election issue

Dear Editor:

After years of increased taxes, wildly soaring water, electricity and sewer rates and questionable spending, it is time for a simple, common sense council that respects the taxpayers’ money and concentrates on good management.

We have a number of near empty edifices, airy environmental projects and monuments to correctness, joining the “Billion Dollar Green Fund”, which s a U.S. organization populated by mostly super rich university alumni.

Summerland is the only municipality to join and is going to use funds from “savings from previous projects” and then “reinvest” that money.

Um, let’s get the feet on the ground, shall we?

A number of candidates talk about ‘sharing their vision’ with Summerland, about lamenting “national and international politics and bringing about meaningful change” and about sole concentration on environmental matters.

All this gives me chills because to me it is code for proving out some candidate’s notions with our funds.

And guess what, more taxes.

Mayoral candidate Toni Boot fails to mention her NDP/Green involvement and attempt to gain a provincial party nomination when she was a council member, nor does she delineate her “vision” and its cost to Summerland taxpayers.

So let’s be perhaps less “progressive” and bring more common sense to the table in the coming election.

Roy Roope