Increase in disability funding is minimal

The so-called big increase (for persons with disabilities) is $11 per month.

Dear Editor:

The so-called big increase (for persons with disabilities) is $11 per month.

We would receive a transportation subsidy every year on our April cheque for $792 — an amount that we count on to do repairs on our vehicles.

This year a lot of us were hurt because (government) has decided to give us $329 this month — just a portion of what we count on to fix any issues we may have with our vehicle.

Most of us drive older cars which need more in repairs than the $329 is going to cover.

Most of us drive our children in vehicles that either need complete brake system fixes, to steering issues, all problems that can make driving our children around very unsafe.

Then they break down the remaining money to monthly payments of $66.

Now, this will do fine for maybe covering the monthly insurance payments we have set to come out of our bank accounts, but now to try and struggle to save up money to do repairs will never happen — all of us live cheque to cheque.

I see this as a big smoke screen just trying to show the public that (government) is helping out the living poor, and you wonder why so many people live on the streets.

Take the time to check out rental availability, not to mention the rents — for a family of three the rents start at $1,600 per month which does not include utilities.

So, I guess I’ll say it since no one else has: Thanks for nothing but additional stress, Ms. Clark. You try and live on an additional $11 per month. Don’t try and disguise this big amount by adding money we already were receiving.

Your so-called big help is a joke.

Heather Nykyha