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Garnett Valley candidate backed

Marty Van Alphen Summerland Garnett Valley city council

Dear Editor:

This letter is regarding the exciting news that a great valley boy, Marty Van Alphen from out here in Garnett Valley, is running for council.

This is a great chance to have the concerns of Garnett Valley, including the road, water system and future twinning projects, represented on city council.

Marty is a great guy and for a lot of people who know him, has been a part of our community for a long time, from helping everyone get their hay off back to the old days of running Alder Street Autobody. The perfect down-to-earth guy we need to steer Summerland in the right direction and represent what Summerland’s all about.

So, to everyone single person who signed any one or all three of Garnett Valley Road petitions, let’s throw our votes his way and show support for a great valley boy.

Kurtis Norrish