Facts needed in prison debate

Dear Editor:

In response to Frank Martens’ letter that finishes off with the statement, “Excuse me, but that is utter crap,” I’d like to point out that the content of his letter could use some bolstering with actual facts.

With information (or lack thereof) in letters such as Martens’, it is evident that proper research is required in order make an informed opinion.

We, a group of Summerland businesses, have set up a blog containing research, news articles and studies on the potential ramifications of hosting a prison in a small town. 

Apart from some tongue in cheek humour on the blog, the information presented is based on fact, rather than opinion.

And we have also posted a rebuttal to Frank’s letter on our blog. (A rebuttal based on facts.)

Please check out our blog at www.summerlandbc.wordpress.com. Our blog is always open to comments — we will post them.

Stephanie Seaton