Election will determine new chamber board

The Summerland Chamber of Economic Development will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, March 13.

The Summerland Chamber of Economic Development will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday March 13 at the Senior Drop-In Centre on Brown Street.

Each spring the members of SCEDT are invited to come together to review the past year and learn about the new objectives for the coming year.

This year, the membership will also vote on changing the name of the organization from SCEDT to the Summerland Chamber of Commerce.

All of that is pretty straightforward and does not generally elicit mass excitement. Another year, another AGM.

But wait! This year is different because there is a full-on election! Now, this is getting a little more exciting.

Why? What difference does it make?

Well, let me share with you…

One of the most significant hurdles that the Summerland economy faces is apathy and, in a very purposeful way, the SCEDT team has spent the last three years battling apathy.

We have worked to create a relevant, interesting chamber that serves its members. We, the board and staff, have honed, revised and examined mission, vision and operations to rebuild our chamber into an organization that represents its members locally and, via the B.C. Chamber, provincially and nationally.

The Summerland Chamber has more than 800 members comprised of business owners, not-for-profit societies and associations, farmers and corporate members.  If we, as a group, become engaged within the business community and work together towards common goals such as a revitalized local economy, we have the numbers to be an incredibly powerful voice.

Our voice can be the difference.

By having eight qualified and experienced members of our chamber wanting to fill five vacant board positions is a clear sign of apathy lifting.

Please go to summerlandchamber.com for details on the eight nominees, their personal and professional biographies and some of their thoughts on building Summerland. I guarantee interesting reading.

The SCEDT AGM is an opportunity to become involved in the future growth and success of the Summerland business community.

In Summerland, we are fortunate to have a system in place where each business license holder is able to participate fully in making decisions that affect our economic health as a community. Use your opportunity to support positive growth and change.

Each vote makes a difference.

Lisa Jaager is the manager of the Summerland Chamber of Economic Development and Tourism.