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COLUMN: Lights, camera, action: Movie books at the library

Movies have been entertaining the masses since the late 1800s
In June, 1978, crews were in Summerland to film a movie. The movie filming included a parade along Main Street. Around 2,000 Summerland residents were part of the parade. This included a marching band, led by John Tamblyn. (Photo courtesy of the Summerland Museum)

Movies have always played a big role throughout society.

They convey messages, explain history, provide various vantage points, bring perspective, teach, inspire and bring emotions to the brim.

Whether they make us laugh, cry, jump or scream, movies have been entertaining the masses since the late 1800s. As they have evolved, new techniques, styles, technology and talents have been introduced.

When “talking pictures” came onto the scene in 1927 with The Jazz Singer, the transition and extension of talent that was needed to make these pictures work shook the industry.

The 1952 musical, Singing In The Rain, starring the iconic Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, delves into the ups and downs of this new movie frontier.

As an artistic platform, movies have grown and morphed with the times into what we have come to expect now.

The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies, by David Thomson, is a great resource, diving into the transformations and impacts of the industry.

As far as movies go, they are also a large part of what local libraries offer to their communities.

Just like books, they provide something for every personality and interest, and are a nice option when there is not enough time in the day or a couple hours of down time are needed.

Between television series, documentaries, biopics, independent films or big blockbusters, the library will have something to get you excited.

To showcase some of the different genres the library has, a Winter Movie Challenge has been put together for all to enjoy. Come pick up a pamphlet, watch one movie from each category and be entered to win a prize.

It’s fun and free, you have nothing to lose.

Another way to participate is by picking up one of our surprise movie bags. Stop in on Fridays and Saturdays to grab one and settle yourself in for a relaxing weekend at home. Each bag includes five movies of a certain genre and a fun movie treat.

A few bags to choose from are Action, Family or Based on a Book. Pop in and check out all the genres. If you are looking to get more involved, we also offer a Virtual Film Club that runs once a month and is Okanagan wide. Similar to book club, you watch the movie ahead of time and then join the group discussion, giving the opportunity to connect with community around you.

The films are varied and the discussion intriguing. Look for new movies coming, we would love to see you there. If doing your own thing is more your speed, the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die by Steven Jay Schneider might be something to take a look through. Whether you find something new or reach for an old classic, be entertained and love the ride.

Carly Tanasichuk is an assistant community librarian at the Summerland Library.

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