A place to grow

A pocket neighbourhood has been proposed for the site of tSummerland’s former RCMP detachment on Jubilee Road.

A pocket neighbourhood has been proposed for the site of Summerland’s former RCMP detachment on Jubilee Road.

The development concept addresses, at least in part, problems surrounding population growth and the high cost of housing in Summerland.

While a similar neighbourhood does not yet exist in Summerland, the concept is worth considering.

But the proposed infill neighbourhood has not been embraced by all.

Criticisms have arisen because of the number of units — up to 14 — on the 0.5-hectare parcel and the lack of individual driveways at each of the houses in the development.

Other recent infill proposals have also met with some resistance because of the changes which would result in the affected neighbourhoods.

Infill growth avoids problems which have arisen with other development concepts in the past.

By densifying in existing urban areas, these developments avoid the sprawl which has sometimes led to transportation and servicing problems in the past.

And since the land used for infill developments is already in urban neighbourhoods, these lots put no additional pressure onto Summerland’s agricultural land.

Infill alone cannot meet all of Summerland’s future growth needs, but infilling can reduce the pressures to expand far from the ore or onto good agricultural land closer to the community core.

All British Columbia municipalities must include plans to allow for future growth. The difficulty is in finding the appropriate places for that growth.

Growth of any sort will result in changes to the community, but with wise planning, those changes can work for the benefit of all.