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VIDEO: ‘Frustration’ felt after woman steals employee tip jar from Penticton cannabis shop

Cannabis Cottage on Martin Street shared the footage via Facebook of the brazen theft

A woman was caught on camera this week stealing an employee tip jar from a cannabis shop in downtown Penticton.

Mariana Wolff, the owner of Cannabis Cottage on 385 Martin Street, shared the footage on Facebook on Tuesday, Jan. 3, following the “irritating” incident that saw hundreds of dollars taken from behind the shop’s counter. The jar was filled with holiday tips meant to be shared with the store’s employees.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t a surprise,” Wolff, a born and raised Pentictonite told Black Press. “It’s been noticeably more prevalent over the last couple of years around town.”

Wolff’s employee was behind the counter when it became apparent the woman had taken the tip jar. The video shows the two having a conversation before the person in question walked out of the store’s doors with the money.

The incident has not been reported to the RCMP.

“It’s such a petty theft and (the police) already have so many that they already deal with,” Wolff said. “It would just be one more little thing on their plate so it’s easier for me to just top up the tip jar and move on.”

Other than the tip jar, the local business owner says everything else in the store can not be accessed without a key.

“The one thing that could actually be stolen was…it’s frustrating,” she added. “The girl was asked to return it after being caught in the moment and chose not to. That’s what was so irritating.”

Cannabis Cottage opened its doors in August 2019. Since then, Wolff says her store has not been the target of theft prior to Jan. 3.

In this instance, an estimated couple hundred of dollars in tips for employees was taken from behind the counter.

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