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Twice-stabbed B.C. man says he was attacked from behind while sitting with friends

Colin Dube-Wheat severely injured in a pair of vicious stabbing attacks 2 weeks apart in July

A Campbell River man stabbed twice in separate incidents in July has released a statement describing the latest attack, which he says saw him “fight for his life.”

Colin Dube-Wheat, 21, was initially stabbed on July 14. According to a gofundme campaign launched shortly after, he was in the downtown core in Campbell River when he heard pleas for help and rushed to respond, He said he was then stabbed in the chest and suffered injuries to his lung and heart. He was airlifted to Victoria General Hospital, and released on July 22.

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Police later reported that on July 29 they were called to the 900 block of Cedar St, where a 22-year-old had allegedly stabbed a 21-year-old in what they described as “attempted murder,” adding that it may have been drug-related. They say a suspect then resisted arrest, sending two members of the Campbell River RCMP to hospital. The suspect was also taken to the hospital for treatment, as was the victim.

In a statement released to the Mirror through family, Dube-Wheat says he was victim in question.

“Colin was driven by his fiance to a friend’s home nearby where Colin lives,” the statement says. “He had visited this friend a couple times since leaving the hospital for social support. At this visit, there were other people in attendance. Shortly after arriving, he was talking about the initial stabbing to the group. Not long after, he was sitting and looking at his phone and felt someone standing behind him.”

It was then, the statement says, that the visit with his friends took a dark turn.

“He assumed they were just looking at his phone over his shoulder,” the statement continues. “but suddenly, the person behind him stabbed him in the neck. Colin screamed for help and ran. The man caught Colin outside, and continued stabbing him on the ground. The man kept saying Colin had to die and be sacrificed.”

Dube-Wheat describes looking into his assailant’s eyes, saying that “there was no one there. He was totally vacant.” He recalls saying ‘Why are you doing this?’”

He suffered at least seven stab wounds as a result of this latest attack, which required hours of surgery.

The statement indicates the family has been told this is an isolated, drug-induced, random attack. It concludes that Dube-Wheat was with his friends to “have support socially,” and that the father of a two-year-old daughter “does not use any illicit drugs, and is not involved in the drug industry.”

A GoFundMe campaign started by his cousin Jen Fyfe raised over $23,000 since the initial stabbing on July 14. In the wake of negative statements regarding Dube-Wheat via social media, Fyfe said after the second stabbing that donors could receive refunds.

“The GoFundMe is to support with basic expenses such as rent, bills, therapy, medical expenses and costs associated with physical and mental recovery,” the statement reads.

“We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to friends, family and community members who have generously supported us,” and that “that a small minority of individuals requested and received refunds as they responded to us in anger or judgement.”

The Mirror has reached out to the RCMP, however a spokesperson was unavailable for comment Wednesday. This story will be updated if more information comes available.

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