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Dog struck by car in Kelowna reunited with owners

The SPCA needs permission from the owners to provide medical care
The Kelowna B.C. SPCA is searching for the owners of this female pit bull mix so they can give her necessary medical care after being hit by a vehicle. (B.C. SPCA Kelowna/Facebook)

UPDATE: 9 p.m.

The guardians of a female dog, which was struck by a vehicle on Gordon Drive and brought to the Kelowna BC SPCA for care, have been found.

The pup and her family have been reunited and the canine is reportedly in good health.

When stray or lost animals are brought into the BC SPCA, the non-profit has a requirement by provincial and regional district law to place a four-day hold on the pet, which places restrictions on the ability to perform health or injury care if needed.

However, BC SPCA assures it will do everything it can in its “power to ensure an animal is comfortable” and receives the necessary treatment while searching for the owners.

“We (BC SPCA) and the hospital, ensure the animal is not suffering in that time. We greatly appreciate your support. Unfortunately, the 4-day stray hold is not a decision of the SPCA, and donations do not change the government’s requests for this. Do know, we ensure the animal is not in pain during that time,” reads a post on the Kelowna BC SPCA Facebook page regarding the matter.


The BC SPCA Kelowna branch is searching for the owners of a female pit bull cross.

The dog came into the facility for treatment after allegedly being hit by a vehicle on Gordon Drive.

The pup is believed to be around four-to-five years old.

She is in need of medical treatment that must be approved by the owners.

In a comment on the Facebook post, the BC SPCA Kelowna said, “Unfortunately, by law, any organization is only allowed to perform ‘life saving measures’ within a required 4-day stray hold period, as some owners would not opt for treatments. During this time, we keep the animal comfortable and do what we can.”

Anyone with information on the dog is asked to call the branch at 250-861-7722.

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