Charging stations receive funding

Funding is announced for three charging stations for electric vehicles in Summerland.

Summerland will soon have three charging stations for electric vehicles now that provincial funding has been received.

The funding, announced last week, is for $12,000. This will pay for three Level 2 charge stations.

The stations are in addition to two Level 1 stations which have been set up at Summerland Waterfront Resort.

A Level 1 station delivers 120 volts of power and is able to charge an electric vehicle in more than eight hours.

A Level 2 station delivers 240 volts and can charge the same vehicle in around half the time.

At present, there are some hybrid vehicles in the area but electric vehicles are not common.

Julie McGuire, climate action coordinator for Summerland, said electric vehicles are expected to catch on when the charging stations are in place and when electric vehicles become more readily available.

Vehicle dealers need special certification in order to sell electric vehicles. At present, there are 19 certified dealers in the Lower Mainland.

She added that as fuel prices continue to rise, the appeal of electric vehicles will become more noticeable.

“If gas prices start to jump, I think we’re going to see a lot of alternatives,” she said.

Mayor Janice Perrino said the stations will make Summerland an important stop for motorists with electric vehicles.

At present, electric vehicles are seldom used for highway trips of any length since the charging stations are scarce.