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Starving mother dog found chained up in cold gives birth to litter of puppies in Kelowna

The BC SPCA rescued a pregnant dog who has since given birth to 7 puppies
New mother Noelle and her seven puppies. (BC SPCA/Submitted)

An expecting mama dog was found chained up in a cold, uninsulated Kelowna basement by BC SPCA officers shortly before she gave birth.

“She was exposed to freezing temperatures and had no protection from the cold except for a sprinkling of alfalfa straw and some dirty towels. She was surrounded by piles of feces and urine,” said Eileen Drever, senior officer, protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA.

Despite being emaciated and kept in filthy and freezing conditions, the pooch, named Noelle, has since given birth to seven healthy puppies.

“Noelle is just the best mom,” said Chaelyhn Berry, manager of the BC SPCA’s Kelowna animal centre.

Martyn, Noelle’s foster dad, raved about the good girl and said that she is adjusting well to motherhood and a life of love and comfort.

“She is so happy to go up to anyone and offer a paw. She wants to cuddle, lean up against you.”

Martyn said that the seven pups are “big, fuzzy, chubby balls of healthy puppy,” who have taken over his house and make a fuss the instant they get a grumble in their tummies.

New mother Noelle and one of her puppies. (BC SPCA/Submitted)
New mother Noelle and one of her puppies. (BC SPCA/Submitted)

However, once Mom has fed them, they are happy to snooze and quietly play with each other and their toys.

Noelle will be spayed and once she has recovered, she will be available for adoption. The seven puppies will also be available for adoption soon. More information on adoptions and a link to sign up for alerts is available on the BC SPCA adoption site.


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