Candidate responses — Sean Upshaw

Conservative candidate Sean Upshaw answers election questions.

Sean Upshaw

Sean Upshaw

What sets you apart as a candidate?


I am not a professional politician, which means I have been making a living in the marketplace, out with the majority of taxpayers.

I have been running a private business which helps me see things more practically. I have founded three nonprofit organizations whose sole purpose was to help people. This gives me compassion for people that are finding things difficult and gave me the opportunity of connecting them with people that could help them through their struggles. Creating a win/win situation.



What would you do to strengthen the economy in this riding?


I strongly believe the MLA and any elected government person should be an ambassador for the area, always endeavouring to be promoting and attracting businesses that fit in with the areas demographics.

This area is a very cultural and outdoor lifestyle area and as such these types of industries should be promoted.

There are so many reasons many software/computer or ecotourism-based companies would want to locate to this area. This should be sought after.



What would you do to encourage job creation?


I would seek out all industry leaders and fight for competitive tax breaks from all levels of government in order to attract companies to locate here.

I would also make sure the learning institutions were inline with projected industries so that the local talent base could be tapped into.

Students would not have to relocate to other areas of the province or other provinces if we would provide high paying alternatives.



If you are elected but your party does not form the next government, how will you ensure the needs of the riding are addressed?

By recognizing that each riding deserves “Compassionate Bulldog” attention. Too many politicians have been passive thinking that their role is simply what is assigned to them by party leaders. Not realizing their marching orders should be coming from the needs of the constituents.

Even when one is in opposition, through strength and co-operation much can be accomplished.