Amendment process streamlined

The process for amending the Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw will become quicker.

The process for amending the Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw will become quicker as a bylaw before council will remove one step in the process.

Under the proposed bylaw, the first step of having council approve the authorization to create the bylaw for the amendment will be eliminated.

Instead, the bylaw required to amend the zoning and community plan for a property will come to council directly.

Ian McIntosh, director of development services for the municipality, said the extra step of authorizing the creation of the bylaw would add two weeks to  the amendment process.

“The practice of asking council for authorization to create a bylaw is relatively unusual in municipal government,” he said in a report to council.

“This practice may save staff time in the odd case where a bylaw does not receive first reading, however that is an unusual circumstance.”

Mayor Janice Perrino said the additional two weeks required for the initial authorization could be significantly longer at certain times of the year. In August and September, when one of the two regular monthly meetings is cancelled, the authorization process could add four weeks to the time line. At the end of the year, with meeting cancellations during the festive season, the delay could be even longer.

“We’re cutting a little red tape,” she said. “It just streamlines the process.”

Coun. Martin Van Alphen said the streamlining is a necessary improvement for those who need bylaw changes for their developments..

“I’m all for it,” he said. “I think it will be a welcome change.”

“It’s just a way to get things done quicker,” added Coun. Orv Robson.

The resolution was carried unanimously.