Aerial mapping completed

The municipality’s aerial maps have been updated.

The municipality’s  aerial maps have been updated.

The project, which cost around $50,000, shows every property within Summerland and some areas just outside municipal boundaries.

Municipal planner Ian McIntosh said the maps include Faulder, Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park and an area just south of the Summerland Research Station.

The updated maps replace the previous aerial photographs which were taken in April, 2005.

McIntosh said the planning department depends on the information from the aerial photographs every day.

“We’ve probably got 100 layers of information we can view,” he said.

These include water lines, sewer mains, legal information  and descriptions, road classifications, hydrants and more.

In addition, the information is used by consultants and real estate agents.

Because the maps are stored electronically, information which would have taken minutes to find in paper maps can now be located within a few seconds electronically.

“We couldn’t even do then what we can do now,” he added.

The aerial photographs were taken in May and the processing was completed by the end of October.

The photographs will also be sent to Google Earth.