Okanagan display of National Geographic exhibition wrapping up

Okanagan display of National Geographic exhibition wrapping up

The exhibit at Liquidity Winery is the only display of the Photo Ark in Canada this year

The National Geographic Photo Ark is an ongoing work of spanning 13 years between National Geographic and photographer Joel Sartore, documenting the many diverse species that are at risk of disappearing from the world.

“The goal of the Photo Ark is simple: show what’s at stake, and get people to care while there is still time,” said Sartore.

The project is composed of multiple parts, including the touring exhibition that is currently located in the Okanagan Valley.

For the last three months, the exhibit has been on display at Liquidity Wines Ltd., where visitors could view the photographs free of charge. The exhibit will be open until Sept. 3, at which time it will be packed up and moved to the next location.

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President and owner of Liquidity Wines Ltd., Ian MacDonald, had seen that the exhibit had begun touring the U.S. last year, and was interested in sharing the experience with the Okanagan. This notion was met with some skepticism from National Geographic at first.

“I ended up talking to their director of exhibits worldwide, and said we’d like to bring the exhibit to Canada,” said MacDonald. “When she asked me where we were located and I told her, she had no idea. She looked it up and said, ‘Aren’t you in the middle of nowhere?’ and I said yes.”

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After some negotiating, and a visit from a National Geographic representative, the project went ahead. Over 50 photos from the project are on display on the walls of the Liquidity Wines Bistro as well as outside.

National Geographic Photo Ark fans are also invited to join the conversation on social media with #SaveTogether. To learn more about how to get involved with the project, visit natgeophotoark.org.

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