Because of generous donations

Because of generous donations

Donations have provided support

A former Summerland woman says her blind son who is about to graduate from university in thanking donors to his cause.

  • Sep. 21, 2011 1:00 p.m.

A former Summerland woman says her blind son who is about to graduate from university in thanking donors to his cause.

“I just want to thank the people who helped,” said Doris Warrilow. She is especially grateful for the help from two local couples, Bernie and June Bartier, as well as Al and Ronda Fabbi, owners of Willowbrook Lane in Summerland. Warrilow said both families supported Darrin emotionally and financially.

“Without their help, Darrin would not be at the point where he is today,” she said.

Warrilow’s son Darrin has been blinded since the summer of 2001. Working as a 30-year-old electrician in the Phoenix area, where he currently lives, Warrilow was working on rewiring a church, when a crop duster sprayed him.

Within two weeks, Darrin went blind, said Warrilow.

Equipped with limited financial resources, Warrilow reached out to the public for financial support in helping her son, as he embarked on a new life.

“I want you to know that by helping Darrin get his essential equipment and programs, he was able to regain his lost confidence and retrain himself to enter university,” said Warrilow.

After four years of schooling, Darrin is about to graduate with a four-degree in Business and Management from the University of Arizona, having one term left to complete.

Better yet, he already has a job lined up to manage a government-run cafeteria. Overall, Darrin appears to have achieved a great deal of independence. Aided by his guide dog, Laferty, he currently lives on his own.

But this success has not come without struggles.

While American Institute for the Blind has helped finance his education, he still requires financial support for other aspects of his education, such as transferring his textbooks on speciality CDs, a costly measure.

Warrilow says her son, who receives a small disability pension, also “relied heavily” on the food bank to help make ends meet.

While Warrilow cannot supply any specific figures, she says she appreciates all of the help received over the years.

Anyone who wishes to donate can do through the Summerland Credit Union, where would-be donors can contribute to Darrin’s For Your Eyes Only account.