LETTER: Power line would affect property owners

LETTER: Power line would affect property owners

The proposed line cuts through our property and is proposed to take a turn at our living room

Dear Editor:

We live at 13415 Bristow Rd., just above the vineyard. We are the lone house on the east side of Bristow Road contiguous to the proposed development.

We note the Lark group has spent considerable time and money laying out and promoting the proposed development. We presume this process has been in close discussions with the various departments of the municipality.

We are in possession of a copy of Euroscape’s Figure 2 of May 8, 2017 high resolution overlay of the proposed development of what appears to be a satellite photo of the property.

Our small property is clearly shown, as is the existing hydro line passing by us down through the Banks Crescent property.

We also note a dotted line of the planned repositioning the hydro line to move it away from proposed construction to the side of the development.

We are also aware that the existing power line supplies much or most of Lower Town. We note that is a significant high voltage line. It is presumed the new development may draw as much or more than the current line and that an even more powerful transmission line will be needed.

The rerouting planned in Figure 2 shows the proposed line not only cuts through our property but is proposed to take a turn (which means placement of a pole) at the corner of our living room.

1. Can hydro do this to us? Has hydro already agreed to this with the developer?

2. We strongly object to the potential (and proven) life-threatening danger such a powerful hydro line would present going through (or over) our house.

3. Upon reflection of the diagram, this looks like a fait accompli. That you’ve already made the deal for Lark group as they have gone so far with the groundwork. Please tell us this isn’t true.

4. If this goes ahead, does it mean you have agreed with the Lark group that our home is expendable? Perhaps they have plans to buy us out? If so, we have not been informed. Perhaps you have agreed to forcing expropriation? Please tell this it is not true.

We are retirees who have enjoyed our retirement in Summerland. We doubt you have any empathy for the duress you have placed upon us. In future, I suggest your personnel take the time to keep those impacted better informed.

Glen and Diane Witter