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‘Fear Less’ Okanagan author wins book excellence award

Lead author Christine Esovoloff hopes the book will help people by letting them know that they’re not alone
Lead author Christine Esovoloff with her award winning book, ‘Fear Less’ (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

A Kelowna woman and her team of co-authors have won the Book Excellence Award in the category of Anthology for their inspiring novel.

“Fear Less”, is an anthology, or collaboration, of stories from 19 women who delve into the subject of fears, how they overcame them and the lessons that they have learned along their journey.

“[Fear’s] persistence will show up in each area of our lives, leading us further into unhappiness,” wrote Kelowna lead author, Christine Esovoloff in ‘Fear Less’.

She said that she has always wanted to write about fear and hopes that this book, a culmination of her life experiences, helps people and lets those struggling with fear knowing that they are not alone.

“This is my baby,” she said about the book and the hard work and dedication it took to put it together.

Despite being proud of her and the team’s accomplishments, Esovoloff had to face her fear throughout the publication process.

“My biggest fear is that people wouldn’t like it,” said Esovoloff.

She also said “fear of success is a thing,” that holds people back from reaching their goals.

Esovoloff encourages people to reach out to their support systems and reflect when facing fear.

Ask the question “why am I afraid?” said Esovoloff. She said that it may help you to truly uncover the root of your fear and enable you to live free from the constraints of irrational worry.

The book is now available at Barnes & Noble in the U.S. and Chapters in Canada. If you wish to order online, you can do so here.

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