VIDEO: West Kelowna, Japan students join voices in virtual choir

The students sang with their sister school in Japan, Haruhigaoka Junior High

They may be an ocean apart, but Glenrosa Middle School (GMS) students still found a way to sing with their friends.

GMS students sang virtually with students from their sister school at Haruhigaoka Junior High, based in Kasugai, Japan.

In the video, the students sing Sisi Ni Moja, composed by Jacob Narverud. “Sisi ni moja” is Swahili for “we are one”.

According to GMS band teacher Kimberley Gorman, the idea came about after they realized Haruhigaoka students wouldn’t be able to come to Canada to visit them due to the pandemic, which means they wouldn’t be able to perform together.

So instead, they decided to sing “virtually” together.

GMS students and staff, along with Haruhigaoka students participated in the virtual choir.

The song is meant to show that we all feel and want the same things and that in the end, we are all one despite the differences we may have.

The video collaboration shows that despite the distance, GMS and Haruhigaoka students are still one, going through similar activities as they all learn about the world around them.

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