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Creating Your Future in the Digital Age

If you’re looking for a successful, creative career, the Centre for Arts and Technology is the place
The Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is known for its small class sizes and year-round, accelerated programs.

It’s no secret. The future we live in and the creative landscape we are a part of everyday is deeply set in the digital and online world, something that has only increased during these past few pandemic-impacted years. Musicians collaborated and performed via Zoom, TikTok video content went viral, theatre companies performed online, and as everyone had time to think about their future, many decided that it was time to commit to the creative career they really wanted.

“After being forced out of business by the pandemic, and with starting from scratch again becoming a reality, I decided it was the perfect time to rethink my career and doing something I really loved and was inspired by – graphic design,” says Nicole Du Guay, recent Graphic and Web Design graduate from Centre for Arts and Technology. “It gives me the creative outlet I crave, while I am also able to combine it with the business knowledge and experience I’ve learned along the way to create a solid career that I can take anywhere.”

And she does mean anywhere. Since graduating, Du Guay has relocated to Italy with her family, where she is establishing her Canadian career via the internet.

The marriage of creativity and technology is one that Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC is very familiar with. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the college has always blended these two areas seamlessly.

Centre for Arts and Technology is a boutique private college – which is part of its strength. Class sizes are small (ranging between 6 and 20 students) so everyone receives the time and attention sometimes missing from larger institutions. Students receive personalized experience from admission through (and beyond) graduation.

“Anytime I needed help finding a solution, there was always someone around to help answer my questions, find support when I was struggling or feeling overwhelmed or if I just needed someone friendly to talk to and genuinely be interested in YOU!” says Du Guay.

“You have so many people that want to make your experience a positive one and they all want to see you succeed,” agrees Brittany Hartfelder, CAT Veterinary Hospital Assistant graduate.

Want to know what else is great about CAT? The college’s instructors by-and-large are industry professionals.

“The fact that the instructors are from industry gave us so much insight on everything and made going from school to industry so much easier and less scary,” says Hartfelder.

The Centre is also known for its year-round, accelerated programs, meaning that students can get out into the work force quickly – within 9 to 18 months depending on the program.

While coronavirus certainly speeded up the shift in technology and the digital landscape, the trends were already there.

In January 2021, the Canada Council for the Arts released its report ‘Arts in a Digital World: 2020.’ Authored by Nordicity, it identified that:

  • New digital technologies are impacting the entire value chain within the arts sector, from artistic production and distribution to audience behaviour and organizational infrastructure.
  • Many government departments within Canada and abroad are encouraging the adoption of digital technologies to expand access to arts and culture.

The creative industries are also continuing to grow. Here are some other great facts about Canada’s growing creative industries.

  • Key highlights from Statistics Canada’s report on the ‘Trade of Culture and Sports Products, 2019’, released in September 2021, reported that Canada exported $18.7 billion in culture products in 2019.
  • This was up 4.2 per cent from the previous year with growth across the creative industries like design (+8.8 per cent) and film and video products (+2.3 per cent).
  • Canada’s growing film sector (including movie and television production, and post-production and editing services) contributed to these increased exports, with British Columbia representing almost half of the $4.6 billion in exports of Canada’s film and video products.

There has never been a better time to join the creative industries, and Centre for Arts and Technology is perfectly placed to get you ready for a successful career.

We’ve Built A Community

Centre for Arts and Technology is more than hallways and classrooms, instructors and students. It’s a community that is built through industry contacts and advancing technologies. It is a college that nurtures students along their educational journey, providing challenges and opportunities, mentorship and motivation, all while fostering a collaborative environment where students can reach their full potential.

The college’s facilities are located in the heart of the Landmark District, and feature over 10,000 square feet of learning spaces. This includes two contemporary digital recording studios with mix-to-picture surround-sound capability; a film production studio complimenting extensive digital video, motion graphics, digital media, visual effects and green screen colour keying technology; and interior design and animation labs which create an environment similar to those found in industry.

Today, the college is recognized as one of the few schools that continually graduate successful students in the areas of filmmaking, animation, audio engineering, digital music production, interior design, photography, graphic & web design, and network administration, and network security. (And if you’re an animal person, they even offer a program for Veterinary Hospital Assistants!)

In the past 12 months, CAT alumnus’ work has featured on Canada’s Country Billboard ‘Top 100’, been chosen by the prestigious SXSW Film Festival and featured in The New Yorker, won ‘Best Sound in Animation at the New York 2021 Animation Film Awards, and graduates have started more new creative positions to mention.

Whether you’re in the market for a new employment direction or you’re planning your path forward to your dream career, the Centre for Arts and Technology will help you get there. So, if you are ready to create your future, at a place where you belong, contact one of the Centre’s program advisors today: (250) 860-2787 or email

Centre for Arts and Technology is located at 1632 Dickson Ave #100, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 7T2. Website: Facebook: Instagram: @digiartCAT

If you’re interested in learning more, join our virtual webinar on Thursday, March 3 at 3 p.m.

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