Interior decorator Brittany Wasstrom hopes to make people feel more comfortable in their homes. (Brittany Wasstrom)

VIDEO: Take mindful decorating into consideration as we settle into the fall season

Mindfully decorating our homes means creating a safe space we can enjoy

As we settle into the fall season, many of us may be decorating or rearranging our homes to fit the moody skies and crisp air.

If you’re redecorating, consider doing it mindfully, says Kelowna interior decorator Brittany Wasstrom.

Wasstrom is the owner of Intuitive Home, an interior decorating service that offers mindful ways to freshen up your home and invite good energy into it.

For her, mindful decorating is as simple as being intentional with what you purchase for your home, why you’re buying it, and where you’re buying it from.

“It’s just being more aware of why we’re purchasing the items for a house in that time. The where is where we’re purchasing the items, if we’re buying them from a large consumption store like Home Sense or if we choose to support a local support here in the Okanagan,” she said.

“Then the what is what we’re purchasing for our homes. I like to always take into account first if we can repurpose something, stain it, paint it. Can we reuse something in a different way? Just taking that into account before going into a store and purchasing what we do.”

Wasstrom’s services include having people walk her through what they want to do with a certain space and what they want to feel when they walk into it. If a client asks for crystal placements, she also gives them a rundown of which crystals are best suited for each room. She sources fabrics, furniture and art, all depending on what her clients need and want to feel in their home.

The overall goal, she said, is to make people feel safe and rejuvenated when they come home.

“What we feel externally in our homes or our daily life, it affects us internally as well. So if we have a very cluttered space, you walk into a room and everything’s everywhere… you’re going to feel that internally as well,” she said.

“Being mindful of what we’re surrounding ourselves with on a daily basis, that affects us internally as well as externally.”

For fall, specifically, Wasstrom suggested bringing in warm colours like orange, burnt yellow, brown, tan, and beige. Bringing in wood accents like little decorative dishes or beadwork can also help soften and warm up a room, she said.

She added that bringing in textures throw pillows and blankets, as well as incense or candles, can also invite comforting, cozy and safe feelings into a room.

More information on Wasstrom’s services are available through her website and social media.

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