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Summerland Senior Men play waltz time golf event

League action continues into the fall

  • Sep. 30, 2022 11:30 a.m.

Summerland Senior Men

On Sept. 22, the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played a team golf event counting 1-2-3 scores per hole, called “waltz time.”

Results: First The winning team by countback with 85 points was Ron Schramm, Alf Vaagen, Dennis Foyle and Herb Williams, 85 (countback); second Jeff Goodis, Jim Haddell, Bob Dickeson and Sandy McDowell, 85; third Michel Perrault, Bill Webster, Harvey King and Peter Schnurr, 82; fourth Martin Bouchard, Eamon Dougherty, Gorge Carswell and Glenn Steinke, 81.

Six players shared the deuce pot.

Summerland Ladies Club

On Sept. 20, the Summerland Golf and Country Ladies Club played Hidden Holes.

In this game, the counting holes are preselected. To arrive at the final score players count only these nine holes, double the total, and subtract their handicap.

First flight: First Lil Smith, 71; second Vijai Vaagen, 72; third Ali Coutts, 73; fourth Helen Pybus, 75.

Second flight: First Pat Gartrell, 70; second Diana Leitch, 72; third Helen Benallick, 76; fourth Gwen Redfern, 77.