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Summerland senior men golfers count par points

Golf leagues hold regular competitions

Summerland Ladies Club

On Tuesday, July 28, the Summerland Golf and Country Ladies Club played Criss Cross – choose either hole 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc. This results in a nine-hole score which the members doubled and then deducted their handicap.

Results: First Ellen Clay 52; second (tie) Norma Chambers, Diana Leitch and Pam Webster, 56; third Helen Benallick, 58; fourth (tie) Vi Ward and Marie Gallant, 59.

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Summerland Senior Men

On July 23, the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played a team event counting par points.

The winning team with 95 points was Jim Haddrell, Doug Steinke, Doug Marchesi and Mike Van Tegham.

In second place with 88 points David Carleton, Pat Witzaney, Joe Beggs and Dave Cain.

Third place with 87 points went to Alf Vaagen, Sandy McDowell, Andy Webster and Jerry McKenna.

Fourth place with 85 points were Bryce Parker, Terry Steinke, Gulbag Hans and David Evans.

Four players shared the deuce pot, Dwain Sandrelli, Rod Zornes, Gulbag Hans and Alf Vaagen.

On July 30, the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played a one gross, three net scores event.

Bob Fortune had the low gross for the day by countback. Mike Van Tegham had the low net. Seven players shared the deuce pot.

First flight: First low gross Bob Fortune, 77 cb; first low net Dennis Glasscock, 70; second low net Steve Clement, 71; third low net Greg Flook, 73.

Second flight: First low gross Alf Vaagen, 80; first low net Doug Steinke, 70; second low net Chuck Harman, 71; third low net Bill Webster, 72.

Third flight: First low gross Ed Helgason, 82; first low net Andy Webster, 70; second low net Nick Coe, 73 cb; third low net Dave Smith, 73.

Fourth flight: First low gross Gary Hollingshead, 94; first low net Mike Van Tegham, 69; second low net Gerry Liden, 73; third low net Al Thomas, 74.

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