Summerland rider wins equestrian event

A Summerland equestrian has won a recent championship in Kamloops earlier this month.

A Summerland equestrian has won a recent championship at the Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre’s Fall Dressage Show in Kamloops earlier this month.

Carolin Sherman of Summerland rode Landover’s Jewel, a Canadian Warmblood mare, to win the Bronze Division Championship and the Highpoint award.

The horse is owned by Joan Niemeier and is boarded in Peachland.

Sherman has been riding since she was three years old.

“My goal is to ride provincially and federally at a high level,” she said.

To train for equestrian events, Sherman rides three to four times a week for at least an hour at a time.

Often, her rides are in Peachland, but occasionally she trains in Kelowna and Summerland.

Her coach is Kathrin Maxwell.

She said there is a special connection between horse and rider in equestrian events. “The bond you build with these animals is amazing,” she said. “It’s amazing that they do this for us.” Developing this bond has taken considerable effort, she added.

Sherman has been riding this horse since March of this year and during that time has won three championships and three high point awards at various shows.

In addition, she trains horses and coaches at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch in Summerland.