Principals train for Giant’s Head Run

With the Giant’s Head Run being just over a week away, it’s perfect timing to get in touch with this year’s headliners.

With the Giant’s Head Run being just over a week away, it’s perfect timing to get in touch with this year’s headliners.

Summerland principals Darcy Mullen from Giant’s Head Elementary School, Cal Johnson from Summerland Montessori School and Jeff Redden from Trout Creek Elementary School have been gearing towards this year’s 5.4-kilometre race on Saturday, June 7.

The race will begin at 6 p.m. in front of the Library with a crowd upwards of 1000 participants.

What sets these three headliners apart from the crowd? Let’s find out:

What is your inspiration in your training?

Cal Johnson “As soon as this Principals Challenge was announced, I invited the students to train with me by running in our morning running club on Tuesday and Thursday. Thirty percent of our students have signed on, so I have no choice but to show up, and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Jeff Redden (who has been plagued by a nasty foot injury) “My motto is ‘fight through the pain’. I walk my dog Milo twice a day, and I’ve been training with the students at Trout Creek during our school-wide runs, and riding my bike a couple times a week. Does golf count?”

Darcy Mullen “Just trying to keep active in each season. I haven’t been running (yet), but I have been riding my mountain bike a lot. I like to think of it as cross over training.”

What are the most important aspects of health, fitness and racing for you?

Cal Johnson “This friendly challenge has been great because it has encouraged the students from all three schools to get outside, run a little, and join in the fun. It has allowed us to model an active lifestyle and hopefully the children will be encouraged to participate not only in this run, but in other activities that they might want to try.”

Jeff Redden “Stay active! Don’t fall into a period of inactivity. My dog has kept me active through the cold winter months. Find something you love to do, find people to do it with, and get off the couch and do it!”

Darcy Mullen “Being active and having fun. If it’s not fun, you won’t stay active.”

If you feel inspired to take on a new challenge or join in on the fun with Summerland’s principals, you can register at or visit the Aquatic Centre to register in person.

The spirit of this event is friendly, fun and with a good sense of humour. Get out and get active.

Joanne Malar is a Summerland Parks and Recreation programmer and head coach for the ORCA Swim Team.