Participants in the Man of Steel Triathlon began the cycle portion early Saturday morning. Individuals and teams of all ages took part in the event which has become a mainstay of the Summerland Action Festival.

Participants compete in run and triathlon

The Giant’s Head Run and the Man of Steel Triathlon were held on Saturday during the 30th annual Summerland Action Festival.

The Giant’s Head Run and the Man of Steel Triathlon were held on Saturday during the 30th annual Summerland Action Festival.

Giant’s Head Run


Female 0-10: First Laura Hall, second Olivia Harrold, third Julia Nixon.

Female 11-12: First Josie Kay, second Mikayla Joynt, third Trista Algar.

Female 13-15: First Chloe Collins, second Sydney Sandrelli, third Bailey Johnson.

Female 16-18: First Emily Kaiser, second Natash Roblesky, third Sophie Mahon.

Female 19-34: First Cheryl Gowler, second Erika Park, third Keya Morasse.

Female 35-54: First Heidi Roblesky, second Lori Mullin, third Janette MacIntosh.

Female 55+: First Barbara Mandau, second Julie Hellard, third Bernadette Achtem.

Male 0-10: First Simon Groot, second Jason Scherban, third Brett Cerutti.

Male 11-12: First Walker Singleton, second Teaghan Trewhitt, third Nicolas Kahl.

Male 13-15: First Jacob Bourchier, second Tameus Venkataraman, third Austin Groot.

Male 16-18: First Harish Anand, second Darryl Hagel, third Sam Derksen.

Male 19-39: First Geoff Waterman, second Matias Ricardino, third Dan Riccutie.

Male 40-59: First Gordon Flett, second Lance Zablontney, third Michael Berrisford.

Male 60+: First Shawn Baenziger, second Don Bergstrom, third Bill Fuhrmeister.


Female 0-18: First Rachel Lobay, second Nilah Gaudiuso, third Leesa Schlenker.

Female 19-34: First Martina Zameanik, second Janine Jell, third Kailyn Vanderham.

Female 35-54: First Heidi Horlacher, second Marie Cormack, third Chantel Weston.

Female 55+: First Jacquie Bird, second Sylvia Thompson, third Lyn Mackey.

Male 0-18: First Lewis Hugh-Jones, second Dustin Leibel, third Oscar Morrison.

Male 19-39: First Lee Agur, second Joe Mitchell, third Jason Rodine.

Male 40-59: First Trevor Haaheim, second Neil MacDonald, third Don Walker.

Male 60+: First Larry Shannon, second Trevor Gambell, third Peter Benson

Man of Steel Triathlon


Female 0-10: First Paige Russill, second Tayla Ingram, third Becky Rodriguez.

Female 11-13: First Haley Berrisford, second Rachel Shanner, third Emma Russill.

Female 14-18: First Jaedyn Foley, second Sacha Perry-Fagant.

Female 19-34: First Erin Beulah.

Female 35-54: First Lisa Spalding.

19+ Open Rec: First Collette Shanner, second Tanya Westby, third Susan Cast.

Male 0-10: First Keagan Ingram, second Tamatea Westby, third Tieran Foley.

Male 11-13: First Keegan Foley, second Chase Davies, third Ethan Stewner.

Male 14-18: First Kevin Hunt, second Corwin Shanner, third Caylum Foley.

Male 19-39: First Joe Wessel, second David Mitchell, third Chris Bergstrom.

Male 40-59: First Bob Isaak, second Lloyd Westby, third Bruno St. Martin.

Male 60+: First Jack Wessel.


Female 0-10: First Evil Warheads (R. Knowles, O. Harrold, T. Yurkiw,) second Fast-Friends (K. Hintz, M. Hilgerson, K. Rogall,) third Blonde Bullets (N. Tolanai, D. Sorenson, S. Cormillot.)

Female 11-13: First Evil Jelly Beanz (A. Hayman, C. Harrold, S. Cormillot,) second Team Pizza (J. Huntington, S. Hall, L. Nash,) Team Midgets (M. Wells, K. Hayman, E. Selles.)

Female 14-18: C’est Le Fun (K. Wheeler, E. Laidman, C. Milligan,) second Ham (L. Antonovitch, E. Rutherford, S. Parker,) third Vicious and Delicious (E. Weir, I. Havers, M. Venkataraman.)

Female 19-59: Isaak Girls (C. Isaak, L. Isaak, L. Isaak,) L Cubed (L Zischka, L. Milligan, L. Wheeler,) Motoring Mamas (C. Millard, K. Nenan, R. Moore.)

Male 0-10: Triple Trouble (E. Lodermeier, T. Smith, S. Searcy,) Tripwer 3 Amigos (W. Rodriguez, H. Berrisford, C. Berrisford,) third The Explosive Woodchuks (G. Lodermeier, K. Sands, H. Girard.)

Male 11-13: First The Guys (R. White, M. Nesdoly, G. Nixon,) second Retro Racers (A. Neehan, E. Kliever, C. Millard,) third The Pink-Panthers (E. Freistadt, R. Houde, G. Stewner.)

Male 14-18: First Team-Jonah (K. Braid, S. Bergstrom, M. Duncan.)

Male 19-59: First 2 Blokes and The Token Chic (C. Neenan, J. Ferguson, R. Millard,) second 3 Knee-Dy-Guys (M. Venkataraman, C. Foley, D. Shanner,) third P.E.P. (R. Havercamp, T. Marischuk, D. Gartrell.)

Family: Men Of The House (G. Nixon, D. Nixon, G. Nixon,) second Team Huntington (B. Huntington, T. Huntington, Y. Huntington,) third Team Ultimate (B. Benoit, N. Benoit, P. Benoit.)


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