No better time to amp up your training

The beautiful warm weather is here, and it almost makes you want to go to the beach. Well, maybe not quite yet!

The beautiful warm weather is here, and it almost makes you want to go to the beach.  Well, maybe not quite yet!

Maybe you’re happy to have an extra month or two to whip yourself into great shape (or better shape) before sporting your summer swimwear.

This past weekend, I found myself shopping for a new swimsuit.  I was inspired by a beautifully warm sunny day, thinking that I’d love to go for a swim in the lake.

But, I know rationally, that last year I didn’t go for a swim until the first week of July, so I have about a month and a half to go before the lake warms up enough for me to do some laps out to the dock at Peach Orchard Park. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a short term goal to motivate you to get active now?

How about signing up for the 30th anniversary Giant’s Head Run (five and 10 kilometres) or Man of Steel Triathlon?

The event takes place during Summerland’s ActionFest weekend,  Saturday June 2.

This is a family-friendly, non-intimidating community race that will give you the perfect motivation to amp up your training — whether it be running, swimming (indoor thank goodness), or biking and have some fun with hundreds of other participants of all ages and abilities.

It truly is a feel good family event that kicks off the summer to a healthy Okanagan lifestyle — a little bike, swim, run with lots of family and friends cheering you on.

You just can’t beat that.

Last year, I remember watching the participants cross the finish line after the Giant’s Head Run, and it was beautiful to see the swarm of supporters gathered to congratulate the hard working racers.

The runners, with sweat on their brow, were proud to continue the healthy community tradition.

I must say that I do get emotional quite easily, but it was a smorgasbord of photo ops with children, teens, parents, grandparents in a picture perfect community event.

I have competed in two Man of Steel Triathlons in a mixed team, myself  swimming, and friends Andy Burden running and Brian Coote cycling.

Twice we have won the relay event, and this year we wanted to three-peat.

I don’t have my World Championship Medal hanging on my wall, but I do have last year’s Man of Steel medal up. My sons were so proud to watch. This year, my physical body has changed, since I’m three months pregnant with our third child, but I still have a personal goal to get more active.

Maybe our team won’t be as competitive with an expecting mother but sometimes it’s the journey and not the destination. I want to enjoy the community event on Saturday, June 2 and be a part of the races: for fun, fitness, health and goal setting.

It’s a great way to kick off the summer with family, friends, and community.    I look forward to seeing you on the road or pool on Saturday June 2.   Keep practicing! Register at

Joanne Malar is a three-time Olympic Swimmer, 2012 CTV London Olympic analyst, Summerland Parks and Recreation programmer and head coach for Orca Swim Team.