Netted playground first in Okanagan

Full netting ensures children have a safe play environment near softball and soccer fields.

One of my favorite parts of having the privilege of being Summerland’s Director of Parks and Recreation is being able to be involved in projects that will be part of Summerland for years to come.

I remember working with Council and the Centennial Committee on projects like the Peach Orchard Trail and looking up at Conkle Mountain knowing they will be here for generations to come.

I’ve had an amazing month watching one of my sons get married and another graduate from University and both are very proud of being from Summerland.

As you read this we will have just completed the official opening of the new playground at Dale Meadows Park.

It is the first fully netted playground project in the Okanagan to ensure the children have a safe play environment with the close proximity of the softball and soccer fields.

This was a true community project with the Summerland Kinsmen, Summerland Rotary Club, EZ Rock, Sun FM and the South Okanagan Children’s Charity working with the District of Summerland to complete the project. The Rotary Club under President Doug Carnegie contributed $15,000.00, cooked the hot dogs for the opening and worked side by side with the Kinsmen to help build the playground.

The Kinsmen Club also contributed $15,000 and under the tutelage of Project Supervisor, Stacey Nodge, put in over 40 hours to build the equipment.

Also a special thanks to EZ Rock, Sun FM and their South Okanagan Children’s Charity and Coordinator, Karen Davey for initiating the project. Karen raised over $15,000.00 to make the playground a reality.

The District of Summerland contributed $15,000, and the Parks Department under direction of Scott Weatherhead coordinated the remaining details of the project.

To all of you Trout Creek residents don’t worry as we will be starting phase II of the playground project at Powell Beach in the next few weeks.


Dale MacDonald has been Summerland’s Director of Parks and Recreation for the last 22 years and in his sporting past has won provincial championships in four different sports.