End of the season for Summerland curlers

League action will resume again in October

End of the season for Summerland curlers

Summerland Curling Club

Results March 11 to 15

Monday morning senior men Fun Spiel: Warren Parker defeated Eric Johnson, Paul Martin defeated Marilyn Cahoon, Hector Cartier tied Stan Green, Gail Ostaficiuk defeated Jerry Lidin.

Monday evening men: “A” event winners Steve Clement, Glen Brennan, Brian Hodgson Lindsay Bennett; “B” event winners Mike Rudniski, Louie Costa, Ian Trip Mike Bevan; “C” event winners: Tyler Jaeger, Terry Turner, Ian McLean Dale Abrey.

Tuesday morning mixed: Marilyn Cahoon defeated Barb Ezart, Jerry Lidin defeated Jerry McKenna, John Fitzgerald defeated John Gregg, Bill Penman defeated Hector Cartier.

Tuesday evening ladies: “A” winners: Jackie Clement, Warrene Helgerson, Sydney Clement Danielle Riley; “B” winners: Judy Beck, Jackie Harris, Julie Patan Heather Stuckey.

Wednesday morning senior men Fun Spiel: Gail Ostaficiuk defeated Hector Cartier, Warren Parker defeated Marilyn Cahoon, Paul Martin defeated Stan Green, Jerry Lidin tied Eric Johnson.

Wednesday evening men: “A” event winners: Gary Raymond, Arm Houle, (Steve Woods, Bruce Gartrell spared) for Paul Barber Larry Harder; “B” event winners: Art Lappalainen, Dale Abrey, Ry Jones, Jeff Jesske; “C” event winners: Louie Costa, Mike Rudniski, Wayne Lock: Denis Savoi.

Thursday morning ladies: First half winners: Frances Colussi, Jeannette McCarron, Carol Cole Carla Marti; Second half winners: Diane Krancenblum, Joy Lappanainen, Aline Grigg Suzanne McDiarmid.

Thursday evening open: “A” winners: Russ Lemke, Elsie Lemke, Jay Hartwick Emma Hartwick; “B” winners: Jeff Goodis, Irene Goodis, Mike Bevan Debbie Bevan.

Friday morning sturling Game 1: Flo Stelmack and Hector Cartier defeated Marlene Brown and John Nicolson, Helen Reimer and Dennis Grant defeated Nancy Mullin and Gail Ostaficiuk, John Gregg and Sra Skermer defeated Kat Lefebvre and Terry LeSarge.

Friday morning sturling Game 2: Helen Reimer and Dennis Grant defeated Flo Stelmack and Hector Cartier, Barb Ezart and Marilyn Cahoon defeated John Gregg and Sra Skermer, Marlene Brown and John Nicolson defeated Kat Lefebvre and Terry LeSarge.

Friday evening mixed: End of the season fun games

Another season has come to a close. Curling club organizers hope every one had an enjoyable time. Thanks to the members volunteers for making the season a great success.

The next season starts in October. Registration is on the third Thursday of September. Email summerlcurling@shaw.ca to be put on the mailing list. The website is www.summerlcurling.org.