Eric Hahn-Hill

Eric Hahn-Hill

Boxers win in ring

It was winner trophies all round for the tiny Peachland Boxing Club Saturday night in Salmon Arm against the local Bulldog Boxing club, who with Revelstoke, Kelowna, Williams Lake  and Vancouver’s Astoria Boxing Clubs put on their first boxing competition in that town.

In the 120 lb. Feather weight division 15-year-old Izzy Holt pulled off a well-timed win in the third round with a combination of well-placed punches, rallying in the final 60 seconds to defeat a tough Myles Johnson, the local favourite of the Bulldog Boxing Club with a split decision 3-2 in his favour.

It was a grueling test of stamina and heart. Drawing upon his determination and coaching Holt, behind in the first round, tied it up in the second and came back in the third to win.

In his corner was coach and father Peter Holt with Shamus Matherson as second, while coach Wardley yelled instructions from the back of the packed venue.

Later in the evening, 15-year-old Eric Hahn-Hill of Summerland Secondary School from the Peachland Boxing Club, showed discipline and skill in the ring, to achieve the only TKO of  the nights when he took it to Tyson Tomlinson  of the sponsoring club Salmon Arm Bulldogs.

Tomlinson’s corner threw in the towel in the second round after it quickly became apparent that Hahn-Hill’s constant long left jab and overhand rights were just too much for the 115lb bantam weight.

Peachland’s 14-year-old Jesse Joseph weighed in early in the afternoon looking for a female competitor, hoping for her first bout.

“It is really difficult finding competitors for Jesse matching age, weight and skill level in B.C.,” said Coach John Wardley. “We may have to go to Alberta just to get her a fight, but I tell you, this girl can hit harder than most of the male fighters in the club. Jesse is one of the most polite kids on the planet, but I would not want to step in the ring with her. When she pars with the guys, they go easy at first because she is a girl, until she hits them, then they know their in for a hard fight, some times one that they lose.”

Peachland Boxing club opens every Monday and Wednesday at 4th Street Place from 6 to 8 p.m.

For more information call John Wardley, 250-767-9538.