Vote is urgent for the future of Canada

This vote is as urgent for change as climate change.

Dear Editor:

This vote is as urgent for change as climate change.

We as Canadians have lost our footing around the world. We need a leader of tomorrow, a leader who has a new vision for the future and all it’s complex challenges, or we will be dealing with a runaway train.

There are two leaders left standing in my eyes. Only one will lead. Imagine this leader representing Canada at the Environmental Summit at the UN coming up. Or in China, India, or Russia making trade deals that will effect all of us. Will our new leader be able to peacefully offer new green plans or no plans at all? As far as I know, the only issue is what kind of a world will our children be living in.

We must make it law to protect our natural resources for the next three generations.

This may be the most important time to vote then many times before. We are Canadian, strong and free.

On Oct. 19, let’s get out in record numbers to vote for a Canada we believe in.

Donna Marie Cournoyer