Use closed building as charter school

The parents of Trout Creek Elementary School students, should form a non profit society.

Dear Editor:

If Trout Creek school is the best elementary school in the district; it is also in the top 25 percent of B.C. schools; yet the school board is intent on closing that wonderful learning institution; the parents of those better than average students, should form a non profit society.

Elect a board of directors. Then offer to buy the school and property for $1. Their goal should be to change Trout Creek into a charter school.

Soon several teachers from School District 67 will be unemployed and seeking jobs in the South Okanagan Valley.

The most highly qualified teachers will have the best opportunity of being hired by the new charter school.

Strong unionized teachers should avoid Trout Creek Charter School.

Charter schools generally hire the most highly qualified teachers.

Ordinarily, charter schools put the interests of the students ahead of their union contract demands and benefits package.

Better than average, high marks are the hallmark of charter schools.

Sources tell me that the land on which the school is located is worth about $5 million in today’s real estate market.

Ernie Slump