Tories show themselves as Criminal Party

Dear Editor,

You might reconsider voting for the Conservative Party if you consider yourself a person of integrity because, “If you condone the acts of a criminal, you become part of the crime and will be judged just as guilty.”

Most recently, Harper’s government was found in contempt of Parliament. This is a crime against all Canadians who believe that the Members of Parliament represent us.

Since 2006, Harper’s Tories have misspent a $13 billion surplus and accumulated a record $50 billion deficit in four years. This is a crime against the present and future taxpayers of Canada.

One of Harper’s key advisors is Gwyn Morgan, a political extremist and former CEO of EnCana, one of the continent’s largest energy firms. Harper’s former chief advisor, Bruce Carson, used an Industry Canada grant of $15 million to lobby on behalf of the petroleum industry. He’s also a convicted thief. If you support the Conservatives you support people like these.

Canada’s federal government makes about $5 billion a year from oil sands taxes. Stephen Harper supports “dirty” oil. 

Like most petro states, Canada isn’t terribly fond of transparency. Out of five industrial nations it ranks last when it comes to honouring freedom of information requests. How can you judge the effectiveness of a government if it doesn’t give you the information you need? This effectively “dumbs-down” the Canadian citizen.

In order to protect the profits of his friends in Big Oil, Stephen Harper has purposely sabotaged global efforts to deal with climate change. 

He has been so destructive in this regard that in 2009 prominent politicians and scientists called for Canada to be removed from the Commonwealth. 

This mark of shame was last used against South Africa when it was still under racist Apartheid rule. 

Denying climate change is a crime against the present and future inhabitants of the world.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper says a re-elected Tory government will not impose a legally binding ban on oil tanker traffic on the West Coast of Canada. 

This is a crime against the people of the West Coast and the ecology of British Columbia.

Many more crimes against the people of Canada can be found at the following website:

Remember, a vote for the Conservative Party makes you part of the “Criminal Party” of Canada.

Frank Martens