Store provides community support

In response to Is Summerland open for business, it is difficult to compare major corporate entities to locally owned and operated business.

Dear Editor:

In response to Is Summerland open for business, it is difficult to compare major corporate entities to locally owned and operated business.

Rob Murphy poses the question: Are CIBC and BMO (both showing multi billion dollars in annual profits) too close to each other for fair competition?

He then has the gall to compare Dollarama (corporate store, registered on the TSX stock market, head office in Montreal) to Your Dollar Store With More that is locally owned and operated and not making millions of dollars per year.

To quote Dollarama directly from their website, “At Dollarama we are committed to serving the best interest of our shareholders. We seek to enhance shareholder value not only through exceptional business performance and practises, but also through responsible and effective communication.”

Great. Perfect for a small community like Summerland that relies on support and donations from the local business for fund raising efforts and general community support.

As owners of Your Dollar Store with More, we are honoured to recognize our veterans by having the Legion place their poppy box on our counter.

We allow donation tins for the SPCA and Critteraid.

We extend discounts to schools, churches, sports teams, nonprofit organizations.

We willingly donate products for fund raising events and prizes for local events like Action Fest.

We support NeighbourLink with their community efforts.

Ask yourself, when did our competition ever donate to a local cause? Many of you have benefited indirectly from our contributions without even being aware.

Competition is healthy and we do not object to friendly competition. But when a large corporate box store locates next to the little guy, with a negative impact to our business and survival, then we get mad.

They want to be the only dollar store in town, otherwise why are they right next door?

Many independent dollar stores have closed because of Dollarama’s aggressive nature.

Think about it, if the competition was downtown, they would have had a positive impact on our downtown core.

Local citizens and tourists alike would have been drawn to their corporate brand bringing customers to what should be the heartbeat and pulse of the city.

Shoppers would support other local stores while they are in that area.

We always have and will continue to guarantee our products. We do exchanges and refunds regardless of the reason.  Dollarama states No Exchanges No Refunds on each receipt. Buyers beware.

So, is Summerland open for business? Yes, but hopefully not at the expense of your locally owned and operated businesses that genuinely care about your community.

Proud to be a part of your community.

Allan Carter and Catherine Buffie