Seniors’ Village staff help residents

My parents have lived in Summerland Senior’s Village since March 2009, in 24-hour residential care.

Dear Editor:

My parents have lived in Summerland Senior’s Village since March 2009, in 24-hour residential care.

Prior to this, my father spent time in two other facilities which were operated by Interior Health.

During this time, my mother suffered a great decline due to her extreme agitation at the separation. She was being heavily medicated to control her anxiety and had recently been placed in a wheelchair for her own safety.

When my parents moved into Summerland Seniors’ Village, the staff there requested that my mother be seen by a geriatric specialist to review and reduce her medication.

I arrived one day to see my mother walking toward me with a huge smile on her face.

The care aides explained to me that they had borrowed a pair of hip protectors from another resident to see if my mother (now that her medication had been reduced) could safely get out of her wheelchair and walk on her own.

I went out that day and bought two pairs of hip protectors for her to use and she was able to put the wheelchair away.

My father’s medication was also reviewed and reduced which resulted in his becoming more active again and able to participate in the many activities that are offered to the residents.

These are just a few examples of the way that the staff has endeavoured to not just provide quality care for my parents, but also to enhance their lives.

Moving into Summerland Senior’s Village was the best thing that could have happened for my parents at that time. From the day that they settled in, there was a noticeable recovery in their contentment and their conditions improved.

I try to visit my parents every day and I have gotten to know everyone who works there very well.

I admire and appreciate them all – the care aides, nursing staff, recreation, cleaning staff, food service – everyone there works together to create an atmosphere that is as much like a family, as it is a care facility.

All while providing a level of care that is second to none.

I believe that at a certain point in one’s life, quality of life is as important as quantity. That is what Summerland Senior’s Village has offered to my parents.

Julie Sardinha