Review needed for tax situation

Dear Editor:

When our former Premier Gordon Campbell in his own wisdom (wink, wink) decided to put the PST on labour and services it was the kiss of death for many small service businesses such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, hair salons, landscapers, auto repairs, handymen, etc. The list is endless.

This has put a strain on the low income family and forces them to do their own repairs requiring tools they do not have or in some cases the expertise.

The other alternative is to find  a tradesman or woman that will do it for cash and are just glad to have the work.

Does this benefit the government coffers? Definitely not.

Now enters the Harmonized Sales Tax.

What does this mean to the people of B.C.? An extra  seven per cent  on top of the five per cent for labour and  services.

This is a way out of proportion for the employee that earns $10, $15 or $20 per hour and the seniors who are struggling to make ends meet.

Oh, but wait we are getting a rebate cheque to cover the transition. Whoop-te-do.

This is supposed to make the struggling families and seniors feel good about the Harmonized Tax. I do not think so.

For many years, I owned and operated a successful business and I understand the costs to the employer collecting and filing tax reports plus many other government requirements, so I do not condemn them for wanting to keep the HST.

I think the government needs to review the whole situation and reassess how and where the HST  should be applied.

The small business man and woman are the foundation of our province and all of Canada  so our government needs to walk the walk not just talk the talk

I would like to end this on a humorous side. Will a woman going into labour to give birth have to pay HST on this delivery?

A final note on the  proposed correctional facility: The government will put it where they want not where the public wants it.

B. Hackett